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Co-President’s Letter          By Judi Sullivan & Wendy Maynard

   With the recent retirement and death of Victoria Johnson, San Mateo County Director of Library Services, Anne-Marie Despain, Assistant Library Director became the Interim Director of Library Services. Recruitment of a new director is being undertaken by the San Mateo County Human Resources Director at the request of the San Mateo County Library Joint Powers Authority. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

   At the Millbrae Library, programs and activities continue to draw people to the library. The Friends of the Millbrae Library will be sponsoring a variety of programs, raffles and contests all summer long, so drop in as often as possible! Please save the insert of summer events. We’re sure you will find something that interests you.

   FML’s April Big Book Sale was very successful. Nineteen participants became members. The combined income from the book sale and from the bookstore came to $2700. Thank you for your donations and your purchases.

   None of FML’s activities would be possible without the numerous hours of volunteer help. On May 15, FML had a party to honor the many volunteers who help in the library, work in the bookstore, help at book sales, read in Millbrae’s schools, and help with donations. If you’d like to become a volunteer, please fill out a volunteer application available at the library.

   We hope that you are enjoying the recently recoated Civic Center metal furniture that was paid for by the Friends of the Millbrae Library as part of our effort to keep the library and outdoor area beautiful. We also hope you will use the outdoor library patio with the additional bench donated by Bea Pincus’s family.

   FML has donated to the Millbrae Library a total of $3462 in February and March for children’s programs, materials and supplies, and the Homework Center. Thanks to the Friends, the Homework Center supervised by Pam Hodel will be open from 2:00 - 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday, June 16 - July 29.

   This is the last presidents’ message from Wendy and Judi. We will continue to volunteer in many capacities but are excited to turn over the leadership to president-elect, Bob Miller.

   Many thanks to the board, volunteers and library staff for all they have done.


   The San Mateo County Library mourns the death of former Director of Library Services, Victoria L. Johnson, who died of breast cancer on May 5th, at her home in Carmel.

   Vickey served as Director of Library Services from November 2004 to March 2008. Before working in San Mateo County, she served for 10 years as Director of Libraries for the City of Sunnyvale, and earlier in her career worked in a variety of positions at the Pasadena Public Library. Vickey was passionate about libraries as demonstrated in her tireless commitment to the profession.

   Her wisdom and wealth of experience and knowledge helped her craft strong ideas of what a library should be. When she started at San Mateo County she immediately set to work communicating her vision of the “Library of the Future”. In order to remain relevant, she stressed that libraries needed to become vibrant community places.

   San Mateo County Library is flourishing due to Vickey’s leadership. Her love and dedication of libraries is evident in all that she accomplished despite the personal challenges she faced. We shall miss her dedicated service.


   When you go to the Accounts Desk seeking help, Joe Saba is frequently there to assist you. When he’s not at the Accounts Desk, he’s busy processing magazines, phoning patrons in search of a missing item, or cleaning DVDs and CDs. Sometimes you can find him in the New Book Area keeping it up-to-date by removing the older “new books” and replacing them with the most current ones.

   Joe was born and raised in Burlingame, and still lives there. After he graduated from Burlingame High School, he attended University of California at Berkeley with a BA in psychology and a minor in pre-health. While attending college, Joe worked at Office Depot. Upon graduating, he wasn’t sure exactly what career he wanted to pursue. Needing work experience, he acted on his sister’s recommendation and filled out an application for the library. He was hired and feels really lucky to have found a job he likes.

   When he’s not working at the Millbrae Library, Joe is preparing for the Graduate Record Exam in preparation to returning to school. His next decision will be between getting an MA in Psychology or applying to Dental School. Meanwhile Joe is an asset to the library staff. Look for him at the library and at the summer Computer Classes that he, Kathleen Beasley, and Heather Mandell will be teaching.

A picture of Joe was included.


   The theme of the Adult Summer Reading Program is Transform Your World @ the Library. It will start on June 1 and end on August 29. Just set an individual reading goal to reach by the end of summer. As you complete a book or audio book, submit the title and a brief comment to win weekly raffle prizes. There will be a Summer Reading kick-off party June 25 at 7:00 pm. and a culmination party on August 13 at 7 pm. At the culmination party there will be additional prizes including two free passes to the California Academy of Science, two free passes to the Filoli, one free subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine, and one book of Transform Your World 42 cent postage stamps. The Grand prize, drawn from all county library participants will be a one year pass to California State Parks.


Goodstein, Anastasia. Totally Wired: What Teens and Tweens Are Really Doing Online

Gives parents insight into tweens/teens’ fascination and involvement with being “wired” electronically. Helps to know what our young people are doing!

Kidd, Sue Monk. The Secret Life of Bees

I loved this book about a runaway girl who finds refuge, love and family in a home of 3 bee keeping sisters.

Irving, John. Until I Find You

Although somewhat strange, I couldn’t put it down - as I wanted to see how it ended. Interesting!

Grogan, John. Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

I love, love this book! Really makes me appreciate the loyalty my Labrador shows me.

Min, Anchee. Empress Orchid

Chinese civilization, history, and the splendors, horrors, and intrigues of court life are colorfully depicted in this story of a country girl who became China’s last empress. A treat for historical fiction fans.

Schwarz, Christina. All Is Vanity

Newly awakened ambitions affect the lives and the friendship of two women. Amusing and moving, the novel is “an easy read”.

Clarke, Arthur Charles. The Hammer of God

An oldie but goodie.

Stabiner, Karen. The Empty Nest

The title of this collection is a bit misleading – not all the essayists have an empty nest. But they do have children who have embarked, or are about to – whether to college or the army – on the next phase of their and their parents’ lives.

Connelly, Michael. Void Moon

Stealing money from a high roller in Las Vegas is hard enough. But doing it when there’s a void moon could mean disaster.

No one ever committed suicide while reading a good book, but many have while trying to write one. -- Robert Byrne 


Sponsors, Donors and Beyond

Harriet Friedman
Peter & Athena Konstan
Maureen Lum
Muriel Tsang

Special Gift Fund Donors

Teresa Sweeney & William Nikovits
Bernie & Elizabeth Esser
Marie L. Pang
Richard and Lillian Peairs
Siegfried & Gillian Pasch
Pearl Chun
Ramona Mercer
Nancy L. Freeman


Joanne McMahon, Judi Sullivan, Marge Colapietro, Don Laclergue, Bob Miller, Jr, Gennie Posluch, Claire Patterson. Stella Batha, MaryStella Flynn, Mavie Portman, Jim and Arline Van Ness, Norma Davis, Lolly Pineda, Bob Miller, Wendy Maynard

Donna Gomes, Sabrina Ng, Judy Mammon, Marilyn Musante, Kay Runkle

A group picture was included.

Not able to attend the party were these additional members of our group of loyal volunteers. The Friends thank them, one and all!

Marty Abramson, Harry Aubright, Grace and Dick Billman, Daisy Chen, Mary Chu, Sammy Cheuk, Heddy Cheung
Liz Cooper, Jeanne Dapkus, Carmen Delano, Allis Eberspacher, Sherrie Epstein, Bernie Esser, Mel Feldman, Harriet Friedman
Petra Gardner, Diana Gomez, Faisal Hamid, Meng Han, Edward He, Marian Ku, Angela Long, Claudette Loughlin
Suzanne Medrano, Sam Moghnnan, Doris Morse, Betty Murry, Debbie Nielson, Dristine Patel, Richard Peairs, Mel Pincus
Shirley Pollack, Irene Salvi, Maurine Seto, Vanessa Sou, Lucy Tan, Kathleen Verploegh, Stephanie Warshauer, Mimi Xu
Kristen Young, Sarah Yung

The Friends of the Millbrae Library is honored to present . . .

In Memory of Bea Pincus

The Sor Ensemble

Karen Shinozaki Sor, Violin                    Eugene Sor, Cello
Wei He, Violin                                Rem R. Djemilev, Viola
Emily Onderonk, Viola


String Quintet in C, Opus 29  •  Ludwig von Beethoven

Quintet in G, Opus 111  •  Johannes Brahms


Friday Evening  •  May 30, 2008  •  7:00 PM

At the Millbrae Library  •  Free Admission